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Why focus on Women in the Workplace?

At Mavenly Consulting, we are in the unique position of both serving millennial women and being millennial women ourselves. This gives us distinct insight into the day-to-day experiences millennial women are facing in the workplace, in addition to an awareness of the opportunities and challenges for both companies and individuals when it comes designing a work environment that works for everyone. Here are a few things we know about why development and growth opportunities for millennial women are crucial to overall success. 

What We know

Millennial women are reporting unsettlingly high levels of burnout and intention to leave their jobs for more reasons than one. In fact, a recent finding from Deloitte shares that “most millennial women have one foot out the door,” feeling overlooked and undervalued by their employers. The good news is that the two factors that ensure their loyalty and happiness are exactly what millennial women are asking for: opportunities for development and meaning in their work.

To dig a bit deeper, we’ve found that the unhappiness and lack of fulfillment are related to low self-awareness, not seeing a clear path ahead, and not feeling in control. The challenge we’ve seen, moreover, is that many young women don’t know quite what they are striving for long-term, which makes it difficult to take any kind of action.

Left feeling directionless, they start to consider opportunities elsewhere, thinking that one of the endless options holds the promise of fulfillment. What they don’t realize are all the ways they can build their confidence, find clarity, and take control over their work right where they are.

When you invest in the development of your millennial women in a way that is collaborative, relevant, and relatable, they will open themselves up to opportunities to stay where they are and commit themselves fully to you and your business with a newfound sense of meaning and purpose.

What Others are Saying

'Increasing a sense of meaningfulness at work is one of the most potent–and underutilized–ways to increase productivity, engagement, and performance. In fact, a recent survey found that a reported 50% of employees lack a level of meaning and significance at work. Studies found that employees who derive meaning and significance from their work were more than three times as likely to stay with their organizations.'

-    New York Times

'Women are going through the difficult realization that they may have to redefine their goals and come up with different measures of success in order to thrive in the corporate world. It often takes many years to really understand one’s strengths and where one finds happiness.'
-    Forbes

'Beyond high expectations, many millennials burn out at around age 30 because they are unhappy in their jobs and don’t see a clear career path. '
-    Fast Company

'Studies show that 70% of millennials are dealing with imposter syndrome, failing to internalize their success, often attributing their accomplishments to luck rather than ability, with millennial women experiencing this more so than men.'
-    The Hustle

'Women are so highly educated to do all these wonderful things, but nobody tells them what the tricks are in order to succeed at work.'
- Chicago Tribune

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