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becoming a workplace that works for everyone

What we know is that millennial women are seeking meaning in their work and looking for career opportunities that focus intentionally on their development, not solely their paycheck or vacation time. As millennial women increasingly become the majority of the workforce, the companies positioned to succeed are the ones helping their women build confidence in their skill sets, find clarity in their career paths, and take ownership over their success.

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Our workshops speak to the needs of working millennial women, seeking to develop their strengths and enhance their engagement at work by cultivating confidence, clarity, and control. Each workshop is tied to tangible outcomes and real-world application.



Our retreats allow women to unwind + connect in a relaxed, small group setting to share experiences and support each other. Each retreat is designed to help women identify tangible ways to create a strategic roadmap to ensure success in the workplace.


Our eight-week coaching programs provide individualized attention to each woman to capitalize on her unique strengths, values, and aspirations to support her in making the most of professional opportunities and ultimately find fulfillment in her work.