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becoming a workplace that works for everyone

      It’s no easy task to build a workplace culture that speaks to the needs and wants of millennials  the largest generation in the United States workforce today. That’s why it’s important to do it right, with or without the ping pong tables.

      Millennials have ignited a shift in the way we approach work, and nothing is more certain than their eagerness for growth. This presents management with an imperative challenge. In fact, Gallup’s recent findings confirm that millennials are less concerned about job satisfaction or annual reviews and more about ongoing development, and less about paychecks and more about purpose. This shifts the role of a manager from that of a boss to that of a coach.  

      Building the internal capacity for a coaching culture equips your managers with the tools to support the development of your millennial workforce and, more importantly, set the example for your next generation of leaders. At the end of the day, one thing is clear  when you invest in the growth of your millennials, they invest in the growth of your business. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

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Our management training supports companies in creating a coaching culture that speak to the needs of working millennials, seeking to develop their strengths and enhance their engagement at work by cultivating confidence, clarity, and control. 


Ongoing Support

Our intention is to help you build a strong foundation upon which your people and business can grow. Once a training is complete, our team is dedicated to ongoing support for your managers in the form of monthly calls and coaching sessions to keep the momentum going based on a strategic roadmap to ensure success in your workplace.



Our team of organizational psychologists has developed strength-based tools and assessments that can be utilized by managers and teams as needed. We also provide additional resources grounded in research that can speak to your individual needs and challenges.