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At Mavenly Consulting, we're committed to creating actionable solutions. Each of our services is focused on providing tangible resources for millennial women and their employers to enable each individual to contribute to their workplace in the best way. Our services are rooted in three key pillars, each of which is essential for the long-term success of women in their careers.



Having a clear understanding of your current work situation and where you are headed in your career is key to optimal performance. The research tells us building self-awareness and cultivating a sense of self-direction are at the core of personal and professional growth and meaning.

When employers provide clear  expectations and metrics for what success looks like within a company as well as opportunities for development, they cultivate assurance, loyalty and commitment for millennial women, leaving little room for doubt, disengagement, and uncertainty. 


For women in the workplace, performing at their best stems from having a strong sense of identity and certainty in their strengths and the value they add. If confidence in their opinions, contributions, or strengths is lacking, it becomes hard to take ownership over their work or speak up with new ideas. Cultivating trust and belief in an individual allows them to proactively approach opportunities, intentionally offer unique perspectives and solutions, and continue to bring their best selves to work.


We believe the best employees have a self-starter mentality with a strong desire to take charge of their career and make decisions driven by their values and goals. Without this sense of ownership, it is easy to stagnate, miss out on great opportunities, and simply go through the motions at work without a sense of engagement.

Our goal is for millennial women to feel in control of their personal and professional paths so they are able to approach each day with intention and purpose.

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