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building the right workplace culture for millennials can be tough. That's why we're here to help.


      Millennials today are looking for three things: opportunities for growth and development, ongoing feedback, and meaning in their work. Throughout our experience providing professional development through coaching at Mavenly + Co., we’ve found that only 11% of millennials report to feel strong and in control of their career paths; only 19% say they have a good sense of where they are heading in their careers, and 47% don’t know what type of work makes them feel engaged. This highlights the fact that millennials aren’t getting the development, support, or coaching they need to stay committed or engaged in their work.

      Contrary to popular belief, our work has shown us that millennials' needs as a generation aren’t that unique. We search for purpose in our work, environments that foster intentional cultures, and values to stand behind. These aren’t "millennial" characteristics; they are basic human needs. What is different about our generation, particularly in regards to work, is that we have more options. In fact, 70% of the millennials we’ve worked with report to feel overwhelmed with the number of options that lay before them. With the paradox of choice, when people have more options, it’s not only harder to make decisions, but we tend to doubt our decisions even after they’ve been made. This leads to many millennials today questioning their career paths and being tempted by everyone else’s definition of success.

      Here’s why this matters. At any given time, 6 in 10 employed millennials are seeking other opportunities. Yes, we’re admitting that the term ‘job-hoppers’ has some truth to it. But the fact of the matter is, millennials are leaving because they aren’t getting the support or coaching they need internally, and organizations are failing to develop the internal capacity required to support the ongoing development of their future leaders before it’s too late.


kate gremillion


Having worked for global PR agencies, small businesses, and startups, Kate knows what effective solutions for employee engagement look like. Given her range of experiences in a variety of professional settings, Kate brings first-hand practical knowledge to support managers and millennials in creating solutions with a tangible impact.


tallia Deljou


With a master's degree in positive organizational psychology, Tallia brings an evidence-based approach to developing the right mindset and shaping an environment conducive for success on both the individual and organizational level. Her keen understanding of what enables individuals to thrive in a workplace setting helps organizations cultivate a culture rooted in values, trust, and growth.