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Let's start with the good news. In 2017, more women than ever before are investing in education, earning degrees, and entering the workforce. The not-so-good news? Millennial women tend to place unrealistically high expectations on themselves and struggle to balance their many competing priorities, making them more likely to experience burnout and lack of engagement at work. Feeling unfulfilled and uncertain about their career paths, they are left constantly searching for other opportunities, particularly when their workplaces are doing very little to invest in their growth and development.

Don't worry, there's more good news. When workplaces are intentionally designed to support the development of their millennial women, it gives women the confidence, clarity, and agency they are seeking. The research shows us that this investment benefits the overall organizational culture as well as your company's bottom line. Sounds like a win-win to us.



Support Your women. Support your Bottom Line.


Studies have shown that women who receive professional development and growth opportunities in the workplace are more loyal, productive, and engaged at work. These opportunities also lead to increased self-efficacy and decreased rates of burnout, which are the building blocks for high performers within an organization. 


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At Mavenly Consulting, we are committed to creating actionable solutions. Each of our services is focused on providing tangible resources for women and their employers to enable each individual to contribute to their workplace in the best way. Our workshops, retreats, and coaching programs are designed to provide women with clarity, confidence, and control in their careers to position them for long-term success within your company.